"New pathways, strategies, business and communication models for bioplastics as a building block of a sustainable economy"

Publications and presentations

Most publications/presentations originated in the BiNa-Project are only available in German and not released for broader public. Please refer to the German counterpart of the website or the internal registration to get access to all publications.

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Image-Boost vs. Greenwashing? Communicating the Opportunities and Challenges of innovative Bioplastics (internal)
Julia-Maria Blesin, Miriam Jaspersen& Wiebke Möhring, oral presentation, PlasticsHeritage October 2016

Documentation of the BiNa workshops (internal)
October 2015 - focus on sustainability assessment
November 2016 - focus on sustainability assessment
February 2017 - focus on communications

Energy Analysis of Bioplastics Processing
Schulz C., Juraschek M., Herrmann C., Thiede S.
Procedia CIRP Volume 61, 2017
DOI: 10.1016/j.procir.2016.11.181


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